Pear Caipirinha

5 min. preparation time

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  • 1 - Lime
  • 3 tbsp refined cane sugar
  • 1 oz Cachaca or Brazilian Rum
  • 1 - Hero Pear Nectar
  • 2 tbsp Crushed ice or ice cubes


1. Cut the lime into wedges. Squeeze the juice into a large glass and drop the lime wedges in the glass once you have squeezed the juice out. 

2. Add the sugar, crush and mix with a spoon. 

3. Half fill the glass with crushed ice or a few ice cubes. Add the Cachaca or Brazilian Rum together with the Hero pear Nectar and stir well. 

4. Taste a little and tweak the acidity to your liking, adding more sugar if needed. 

5. Rim the glass with lime and sugar.